As a health insurance agent and owner of my own business, Rivercross Partners, I know the importance of finding an agent competent and knowledgable in the field. I trust Chris Hall of The Halls of Insurance with all my personal insurance needs. He found me a far superior policy with even better rates than my old plan and saved me over $700. If you value an honest agent, who is always readily available when you need them, then call Chris today to see how he can start saving you money too.

Dottie Allen,
RiverCross Partners


You have worked long and hard to build a successful life for you and your family.

The Halls of Insurance will put equal effort into protecting that success. Protecting your most valuable assets with the proper insurance is an important decision to make. Safeguarding your investment and your financial security calls for the right insurance. The Halls of Insurance is a family owned agency that provides the types and levels of coverage you need. Count on our team to analyze your complete insurance needs, identify a comprehensive protection program, explore the market for products and services and ultimately deliver a customized and cost-effective solution. Minimize your insurance risk and work with a team dedicated to creating a long-term relationship with mutual trust as the core value.

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